How to use Slack with Quabbly

If this period we are in had a motto, it would be something along the lines of “staying connected, while working apart” , and that is exactly what slack helps you do. While creating an ideal workflow process for your organization is an amazing feat that Quabbly can help you achieve, a lot can go wrong without a proper means of communication, and collaboration. Hence, Quabbly’s integration with slack.

Quabbly’s integration with Slack helps you stay connected with your teammates, it helps bring your team into one unified front, and it changes the way you and your employees communicate.

First, let’s see how this works, the process involves two steps.

Activating Slack
Activating Slack on Quabbly, involve the following steps

Go to settings
Click on the name icon on the top right of your home page then click on settings.

You can connect to Slack by clicking “Connect”, a page will appear, enter your Slack URL, and then activate.

To make use of slack, you need to perform an action by following these steps;

1. Go to any of the boards you need to trigger an action.

Set a trigger condition

Pick a capability
Click on next and set the required parameters for the Workflow to act on with integration, then click on create Workflow.

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One Space, Endless Possibilities

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One Space, Endless Possibilities

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